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Life isn’t meant to be this hard

THEN You landed on the right page!

 You’ve most likely faced many obstacles that critically altered how you see yourself.

You’ve gone from feeling like a complete victim to your circumstances, questioning why things happen to you, and even trying all these different manifestation techniques that you had high hopes would magically change your life (trust me, I’ve been there)

…to feeling like a failure, because now you’ve tried everything under the sun, (or at least you think you did) had some relief but it never lasted.

Feelings of loneliness, despair, resentment anger, and deep-seated sadness start to take over your body and now every day seems like a battle to pull through, silently so that no one can shame you for feeling this way.

The time is now for a new way to

Rise to the version of your Goddess Self.

A woman who holds herself, grounded, rooted, assertive, loving, knowing, certain, kind, and in service.

She is loving herself deeply, respecting her own energy, and she is strong, yet gentle.

she is no longer a warrior, she is the goddess rising.


It wasn’t until I learned the life lessons that my life stopped spiralling out of control

I went from being a victim to a warrior and that wasn’t enough because

I still didn’t love my life.  

I spent years trying to find the magic pill to heal me and my anger, to bring happiness back into my life, and finally, after years of endless therapy I just gave up.

The anger never went away and finally reared its head in the many explosions I’ve had from being triggered.

Everything was a trigger. Sound familiar?

I even put myself in $30k debt in the desperation of finding a cure (from doctors, coaches, manifestation meditations, reiki etc) to make me “normal” so I can be happy, so I can finally free myself from this emotional burden that has been following me around all my life, so I can be loved.

…even when I got love, I felt like a failure.

I got to the point where I almost lost my marriage and I was tired of all the lost connections from my childhood to now my adult life.

I finally took inventory of my life, to see the profound truth of the life lessons that kept playing over and over again.

IN This LIVE 8 Week Program, You Will:

  • Have a clear understanding of your superpowers and divine mission 
  • Have identified and released the illusions, patterns, programs, and stagnation  creating discordance in your current reality
  • Learn and understand how to master your energy
  • Have laser-focused direction and a clear roadmap for how to align with your higher calling
  • Learn how to use the KEY INGREDIENT in the Law of Creation
  • Understand how your guidance system works so you can trust yourself to confidently make your decisions at any moment
  • Have a clear understanding and definition of your life lessons and the process developed to accelerate your Spiritual Growth.
  • Know how to unlock UNLIMITED freedom and abundance – sourced from your Soul!
  • Quantum Leap into a new paradigm! You and your reality will SHIFT dramatically.

Hey there! I’m Ellyn Katherine

aka “Spiritual Wealth Catalyst”

I discovered a “shortcut” to making transformation easy because I started my journey off thinking it was hard. When I experienced a change in my life, I realized that I tapped into the secrets behind the Law of Creation that nobody else was talking about. 

⁣You see.. I was stubborn, stuck in my old habits and patterns and was always angry.  I didn’t know where to start in changing my habits and hoped to manifest a new life, where I was free from the fears of not being good enough. 

I tried vision boards, positive thinking (even though I felt something totally different) meditation, inner child work and even affirmations.  ⁣⁣⁣When I started my healing journey, I had 3 big problems:⁣

> NO idea what the root of my anger was (so I didn’t know where to start)⁣

>> BIG ego! (I was in total denial that something was even off- I wanted my outbursts to be accepted as ‘just part of who I am’⁣)

>>> Fear of change (frankly, my perception of change was defined as being too hard)

⁣But I had to try because my marriage was on the line…

⁣Which led me to my own transformation.⁣

This game articulated a version of me I didn’t know I had within myself. For months people have been telling me to stand up for myself but after Day 1, I was more motivated than ever to do that. I joined not knowing exactly what I was getting into and I am thankful that I did.

Jacqueline Gavrilov

It was a new way of being that started to inject huge amounts of fuel and life-force back into my everyday life.

My identity has been shaken to the core.

The truth of the matter is, you live in an energetic matrix created from your consciousness based on your conditionings.

Everything you thought you knew about yourself is purely a reflection of your consciousness made up of frequencies.

You never really knew yourself, you know the version of you that was created without your own consent.

And so now you are being given the opportunity to REALLY get to know yourself, your role in this game of life and how to live a life connected to the version of you that will create your Heaven on Earth.

Welcome Warrior, to your remembrance…

and reclaiming the forgotten, disowned parts of your Goddess Soul 

You will be reborn into the true YOU.

A reset and a new beginning await you…


Picture this being your reality almost every single day…

Wouldn’t that kind of life make you feel amazing about yourself?


This curriculum makes transformation easy.

When you know what lessons you’re dealing with and how to decipher the shadow voices running your life, you can easily make the shifts.

It’s when we have no clue or understanding of the lessons playing out that make transformation hard. It’s one thing to “tame” your ego, which most people are accustomed to thinking.

My style of teaching is beyond ego being ‘good or bad’. I see the ego as a friend who wants to help and an aspect of you that has your best interests at heart.

It’s learning how to merge your ego with your higher self so that the mind chatter (inner dialogue) can stop. 

It is also designed to break the patterns (like thinking that ego is bad), conditioning, and lifelong hidden energy stagnation, so you will be truly HAPPY on the inside, a rooted leader in your own space, a GODDESS.


Discovering your Superpowers & Divine Mission


Releasing your illusions


De-program & re-program your energy signature


Healing your old story


Identifying which life lessons out of the seven that is showing up in your life


The science behind the “woo-woo”


Creating a new story based on the truth of your true identity


Unplugging from the matrix


How to use the key ingredients to the formula of creation (aka- become a manifesting genius)


Embodiying Your Goddess Self

I love this game! I feel more of a sense of loving myself. I hear my higher self so much louder and feel safer with that guidance. I tried therapy for anxiety and although it’s nice to talk to someone I feel more empowered from your stuff. So grateful for you!

Natalie Ryan

Wow, I did Day 1’s activation and something hit me. I didn’t realize how much power I was giving away. This is just the beginning but I feel my inner dragon coming to life again now.

Pax Sterkel

NOW is the time to empower yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to REclaim your power over your life… 

It Starts with a decision (and it’s yours to make). And I empower you to make that decision right now.

By joining this program, you are saying “yes” to yourself, to your greatness, and to this opportunity to make your EPIC BREAKTHROUGH a tangible reality!


Upon completing payment, you will receive an email with the program details, itinerary, and a link to the Light Code Activation that is required to use during the program.

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