Go from Mission driven light-worker to an impactful Leader

Go from Mission driven light-worker to an impactful Leader

You are here to…

Accelerate your remembrance of your true divine essence.

Accelerate your transformation into New Paradigm Leaders, Influencers + Change-makers.

Make a HUGE impact in the world.

Shift humanities consciousness into the next evolution.

Your transformation, lovely, has come!

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Your Journey:


Discover your Soul Destiny

So you can fulfill your divine mission to leave a lasting legacy

Conquer the energetic barriers

Holding you back from stepping into your next level self + power

Impact the World

Create + activate your NEW divine operating system to create bliss, abundance and flow

Together, we will

  • Free you from anxiety, anger + deep hidden emotions weighing you down.
  • Dive deeper into your soul destiny + get you unstuck.
  • Reprogram + activate your divine blueprint.
  • Embody your essence to let it shine bright…

…So you can be completely free and
in your power to impact the world!


It’s time for you to rise to your
next level self as a powerful leader!

Discover your Soul Destiny and WHAT’S REALLY STANDING IN YOUR WAY TO feeling fulfilled + ACHIEVING YOUR HIGH-VIBE LIFE!


“Ellyn healed some deep issues altering my self-worth, within the first week, I felt much more confident in what I am doing with my life.”

-Sophie Masi, Reiki Practitioner

Hi! I'm Ellyn!


Wisdom Teacher, Master Healer, #1 Bestselling Co-Author, Transformational Speaker + the Pioneer of the Quantum Enlightenment System, a new healing method for the New Human Era designed to help light workers heal emotional trauma multidimensionally and step into their power to fulfull their soul destiny.

I’m on a mission to liberate and accelerate you on your spiritual growth path so you can help change the world. My goal is to help you to stop the cycle of misery from the constraints of emotional burdens and karma so that you can create a life where abundance, freedom and happiness is the norm. Start by booking your free ‘High-Vibe Life’ Blueprint Call.

“Ellyn straight away found the issues that have been holding me back. Issues I didn’t really feel bothering me and resolved them all.”

-Joanna Edwards, EFT Practitioner

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