Quantum Leap into your

Quantum Leap into your

Helping MISSION DRIVEN change-makers

quantum leap

from painfully seeking happiness to unleashing their

inner Empress

Are you ready to stop suffering silenty?

I know you’re struggling to find true happiness, you have it all but silently you’re in pain because you feel there’s something missing.

You’ve been doing some work on yourself… whether it’s therapy, working with a mindset coach, reading self help books, getting Reiki and binging on personal development podcasts or YouTube videos but no matter what you do nothing is changing in your life

…and you’re starting to question if something is wrong with you.

You are super aware that anger, shame, fear and doubt are in the way but you still don’t know how to shift it and you feel defeated since positive thinking, affirmations and visualizing a better life just didn’t seem to work.

I’ve got some epic news for you, beauty.

There is NOTHING wrong with you.

You are not a failure…

You’ve only been taught a piece of the healing puzzle and haven’t been shown how to do the deep integration work that will shift you out of your little girl and into your regal Empress identity.

You KNOW that you are here to make a HUGE impact in the world.

You KNOW you are meant to shift humanities consciousness into the next evolution.

You’re HERE on this page because you’re READY TO FULLY EMBODY your

inner Empress

to experience REAL HAPPINESS + TRUE WEALTH, be at PEACE, feel LOVE + create MAGIC!

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“Happiness is not determined by what’s happening around you,
but rather what’s happening inside you.”

“Happiness is not determined by what’s happening around you,
but rather what’s happening inside you.”

Together, we will

  • Free you from anxiety, anger + deep hidden emotions weighing you down.
  • Dive deeper into your soul destiny + get you unstuck.
  • Reprogram + activate your divine blueprint.
  • Embody your essence to let it shine bright…

…So you can be completely free and
in your power to impact the world!

Hi! I'm Ellyn!


Enlightenment Mentor, Master Healer, #1 two times Bestselling Co-Author, International Speaker + the Pioneer of the Quantum Enlightenment System, a new healing method for the New Human Era designed to help change-makers heal emotional trauma multidimensionally and step into their power to fulfull their soul destiny.

I’m on a mission to liberate and accelerate you on your spiritual growth path so you can help change the world. My goal is to help you to stop the cycle of misery from the constraints of emotional burdens and karma so that you can create a life where abundance, freedom and happiness is the norm. Start by booking your free Akashic Records Call.

“Ellyn straight away found the issues that have been holding me back. Issues I didn’t really feel bothering me and resolved them all.”

-Joanna Edwards, EFT Practitioner