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By landing on this page, you have been guided to embark on a journey that will transform your life.

Hi! I'm Ellyn Katherine Shamalov

I teach lightworkers, healers, coaches + spiritual wonderers how to accelerate their emotional healing to ascend to the 5D Paradigm using the Quantum Enlightenment System™, an advanced quantum healing method channeled from spirit for the New Human Era (AKA: the 5D Paradigm).

My mission is to empower light workers to usher humanity into the New Earth Paradigm by helping them fully step into their purpose and change the world by BEing the change!

I work with a powerful galactic/angelic team brought here to assist humanity with the ascension process and have a goal to impact billions as they awaken by helping them stop the cycle of misery from the constraints of emotional burdens and karma so that they can create a life where abundance, freedom and happiness is the norm.

Ditch the 3D matrix healing techniques (#temporaryfixes) and take your emotional healing to the next level so you can rise into your next level self as a powerful leader + changemaker.

I’m on a mission to:

  • Help liberate you on your spiritual growth path
  • Accelerate you on your divine mission into the powerful leader you yearn to be
  • Expand global consciousness
  • Uplift the vibration of humanity
  • Reveal spiritual truth + wisdom

My Philosophy:

We are light beings and Masters in a physical body. We have more powerful than we know. There is more to our existence than what we have been taught. We’ve got our own wisdom but have CORE lessons to master and each of us comes with a unique mission and voice.  Uncovering the truth of your true identity, mastering the lessons and realizing your (godly) abilities will help you rise to your next level self. 

My promise to you is that I:

  • Lead by example
  • Continue to grow with you
  • Lift you up
  • Hold space for your unique journey
  • Hold space for your divine resonance
  • Keep my word
  • Be open and honest
  • Always empower you


My Story

I was known as a Medical Alchemist, who helped women heal using my innate healing gifts and uncover Gateway Life Lessons™  standing in their way to happiness and freedom. Prior to my healing journey, I suffered from deep-seated anger, fatigue, depression, and anxiety that blocked my ability to feel safe in my body.

For as long as I can remember I was secretly angry, bitter, and disconnected. I wore a mask for others to see happy bubbly Ellyn for so many years and in a strange way was in denial of just how angry I actually was. I’ve made mistakes and hurt people close to me because of my need for love and attention. I essentially lost the important connections in my life, which made me feel even more unloved and unwanted. The pain got so unbearable that I almost attempted to kill myself.

When I chose to stay alive, I sought help and after years of endless therapy I just gave up. 

Fast forward 14 years, the anger never went away and finally reared its head in the many explosions I’ve had from being triggered. Everything was a trigger. I got to the point where I almost lost my marriage.

I spent years trying to spiritually bypass my healing journey and was on a constant search for the magic pill to fix me. I tried Reiki, positive thinking (even though I felt something totally different) meditations, inner child work, and lots of other energy healing methods but I still felt the same. 

It wasn’t until I discovered the Gateway Life Lessons™ that made my transformation easier and less painful.

I was born with powerful healing gifts that I never fully appreciated until I stopped trying to be someone else.  When I understood what lessons I needed to learn, I stepped fully in my power, my gratitude, and began co-creating with the Divine- that’s when my world changed.

Since my transformation, (this is feedback coming from my husband), I don’t have anger outbursts and am able to tolerate his criticisms (these triggered me a lot before). I changed my habits, I changed my story, and I can see life with totally different lenses than I did before.

I’ve transitioned from feeling like a victim to a warrior and now am embodying my divinity, accessing my inner wisdom and living with more ease and flow.

Today, I am known as a Wisdom Teacher and Master Healer.

“Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice.” 

-Heather Ash Amara

If you’ve tried to heal your emotional pains, learn how to “tame” your ego, searched (or still searching) for answers, I’ve been in your shoes.
The key tool that has helped me get out of my misery was seeing the lessons that my daily life challenges were trying to teach me. The beauty about this approach is that its so easy when you know what the lessons are and how they play out in your life.

Unresolved and unlearned lessons manifest as limited cash flow, depleted energy, constant mind chatter, and episodes of anxiety.

Book your ‘High-Vibe Life’ Blueprint call to get a blueprint of the root cause of your struggles and uncover the challenges and lessons so you can get to your next level of consciousness and overcome and create a happier life.

I’m honored to guide you on your journey.


What My Clients Say

“Incredible healing experience with Ellyn”

I’ve suffered for years with Fibromyalgia. One 30 minute session with Ellyn helped me in more ways than I could ever describe. If it wasn’t for her healing, I wouldn’t be as aware of my strengths and struggles quite like I am now, but most importantly how to move forward improving my wellbeing, with the tools that she provided me. Thank you Ellyn for your amazing healing experience, my pain lessened and is not as intense as it used to be. I’ll be forever grateful.

Shannon Knot

Veterinary Nurse

I feel more of a sense of loving myself. I hear my higher self so much louder and feel safer with that guidance. I tried therapy for anxiety and although it’s nice to talk to someone I feel more empowered from your stuff. So grateful for you!

Natalie Ryan

Psychic & Astrologer

“I went from a pain scale of 9 to a 0 after only 30 minutes with Ellyn.”

ZERO! Overall I feel spacious and free in my body. The fear of having a child and trusting in general to my great relief was finally lifted! Living without so much fear has been great and I got so much out of my session with you. I also was super focused and productive in my work after my session and continue to do so.

Elizabeth Stein;

Remedial Massage & Belly Therapist

“Ellyn healed some deep issues altering my self-worth”

Receiving Divine Healing is something that is so wonderful that you cannot put it into words. Ellyn managed to find some deep past issues I had with my dad which cleared during the program. During the week following my first divine healing session, I felt much more confident in what I am doing with my life. 

Sophie Masi

Reiki Therapist

Wow, I did Ellyn’s activation and something hit me. I didn’t realize how much power I was giving away. This is just the beginning but I feel my inner dragon coming to life again now.

Pax Sterkel

“I feel free of pain- finally”

Ellyn straight away found the issues that have been holding me back. Issues I didn’t really feel bothering me and resolved them all. I would definitely recommend Divine Healing for everyone and most of all recommend Ellyn with no hesitation. 

Joanna Edwards

EFT Practitioner

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