Now that you’ve had the chance to take a breather, keep reading for five more common signs of a spiritual awakening!


10 Signs That You Might Be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening (6-10)


6. Developing New Eating Habits

spiritual awakeningIf your relationship to certain foods seems to be undergoing a huge shift, this could also be a sign. During a spiritual awakening, you may develop new food allergies or just sensitivities to conventional foods. Symptoms include stomach cramping, gas, bloating and sudden bowel movements after or even during a meal. On the other hand, you could also experience cravings.

How to deal: Use discernment in following your new appetite. It’s usually a good rule to stay away from anything that you have a bad reaction to during this time. As your energy clears, your body will look for ways to cleanse itself as well. This often means that you’ll no longer be attracted to foods loaded with chemicals and preservatives. This is a good thing!

When it comes to cravings, you’ll need to be a bit more careful. In some cases, they could be a signal that you need more of a certain nutrient. In others, they’re a fear-based response. We reach for our “comfort foods,” when we feel nervous or uncomfortable. However, the temporary comfort they provide isn’t always best in the long run!


7. Visions, Hallucinations, or Vivid Dreams

Spiritual awakening almost always involves stimulation of the pineal gland. This tiny gland, located in the center of the brain, has many medical functions. Energetically, it is associated with the third eye chakra, which governs intuition, dreams, and our perception of the world. As the pineal gland is stimulated, the third eye opens. This can sometimes cause people to see things that aren’t part of the material realm. It can also lead to a very active dreamscape. If this is happening to you, don’t be alarmed. Chances are you’re going through a very meaningful energetic shift.

How to deal: Write it down. When you’re having visions or dreams, what seems so real one second can be swept from your memory the next. Recording everything you remember can help you sort through what you experienced. It also makes it easier to understand any messages or lessons they came to impart.


8. Dizziness and/or Ringing of the Ears

During a spiritual awakening, the energetic changes that affect the pineal gland can also affect the inner ear. This can result in the experience of ringing in the ear, which is hearing loud, high pitched sounds. This often happens when we are in the process of ascension. These high pitched frequencies may occur randomly throughout the day and are considered a download of higher information, guidance, light/energy codes or a kind of attunement, tweaking, tune-up or upgrade. You might not have any conscious understanding of it, as it is occurring on a higher level. However, the sounds are a way of alerting you and tapping into your consciousness. In addition to ringing ears, it can include sounds like buzzing, clicking, hissing, and others.

How to deal: Ground yourself. Spending time in nature, meditating, and earthing are all great practices to help you stay balanced as you grow spiritually. When you experience these downloads or messages, take a moment and be still, breathe and really try to tune in. Be open to receiving any messages or energy transmissions. Trust in this process and know that you are being attuned to the higher frequencies in order to connect with your angels and for your vibrations to be lifted. If you’re feeling up to it, you can try chanting a sound/mantra such as  ‘aummmmm’ (which is a holy vibration), to Divinely integrate with the frequencies.


9. Fluctuations in Energy

spiritual awakening 2Along with changes in your sleep cycles, many people experience variations in their energy levels during the day. Some people feel unusually energetic and “supercharged” when they’re experiencing a spiritual awakening. It’s also common to feel the opposite. Some people become easily fatigued during this time. If this is your first experience like this, you might find yourself wishing for nap time all day!

How to deal: Give your body the best fuel, and cut out the junk. Especially if you find yourself on the lower end of the energy scale, this will help bring you more balance. If your energy is higher, eating cleaner will help you make the best use of those spurts.


10. Health Changes

There are all kinds of odd effects that a spiritual awakening can have on your health. As your spirit elevates to a higher frequency, your soul begins to send you messages through the body. Acne outbreaks, changes in weight, headaches, hot flashes, and even flu-like symptoms have been known to occur. These struggles are your soul’s way of communicating with you in its own unique language. Your immune system is trying to flush the body of toxins and once it succeeds, your spiritual upgrade will also shine through physically.

How to deal: Help your body cleanse itself and boost your immune system with a conscious detox. For best results, it’s important not only to remove unhealthy foods but to add good high-frequency meals to your diet. Also, when you assist your body in the cleansing process, foods aren’t the only thing to address. Environmental toxins are present everywhere and should be removed from your home as much as possible.


A Spiritually-Based Detox Helps You Make the Most of Your Awakening

If you suspect that you’re going through a spiritual awakening, don’t worry! Although the symptoms can feel strange, we all go through them at some point. The only shame would be to let this important time in your life go to waste. You see, although this happens to everyone, it takes an intentional decision to make the benefits “stick.” Without this conscious choice, your awakening can pass you by. For many people, they simply become a series of “this really weird thing happened to me once” type of memories.

This is unfortunate. However, for people who recognize what’s happening and get on board, this time can be a life-changing opportunity.

If you’re ready to acknowledge your spiritual awakening, help the process along with a full cleansing. Our comprehensive detoxification program was designed for this exact purpose. It will assist you in clearing your body and home of harmful elements. This will help you make the most of your experience and open up to its long-term benefits. It will also protect your physical, mental, and emotional health as you move forward spiritually.

If you have specific questions or need more support on your spiritual journey, reach out. Or, take our complimentary quiz. It’s a great way to clarity on the best next steps.