So you’ve tried it all. Vision boards, affirmations, positive post-it notes… you’ve tackled every means of redirecting your thoughts to attract what you want. The problem is, you’re still not getting what you want. Chances are, there are some spiritual life lessons you need to learn before any of that stuff will actually work.

In 2006, The Secret came out and quickly became a huge hit. Coworkers were discussing it over lunch; parents were sharing it with children; people hosted viewing parties to spread the word. Friends were using their precious daytime minutes (remember those?) to gab about it on their flip phones! It seemed like everyone was talking about it!

The video and corresponding book reached people of every class, ethnicity, and walk of life. And why not? People were captivated by the possible outcomes of its very simple premise – The Law of Attraction (LOA). You can use your thoughts to attract what you want and change your life completely.


Why Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

The Secret was a once-in-a-generation cultural phenomenon. Then, something happened.

People realized that despite their best efforts at focusing their thoughts, their lives weren’t actually changing. At least, not in the ways they’d hoped.

In some circles, this created a backlash. The “I told you so” crowd had a field day. Accusations that the Law of Attraction is a bunch of New Age malarkey are still hurled all too gleefully.

However, the issue is not actually with the Law of Attraction. It’s that there is another vital component you must activate before LOA will work successfully, consistently, and sometimes even at all. And most people who have watched or read The Secret know absolutely NOTHING about it!

The Secret… kept secrets.


Law of Vibration: The Key to Unlocking Your Abundance

So what is this missing piece?

It’s called the Law of Vibration, and once you understand this deep spiritual lesson, real change is inevitable!

Here’s the Law of Vibration in a nutshell:

  1. Everything is energy.
  2. All energy is vibrating at a particular frequency.
  3. Things vibrating at the same frequency are drawn to each other. (This is where Law of Attraction starts to come in.)

Basically, in order to manifest successfully, we have to begin vibrating at the frequency of the life we want.

Simple? Yes!

Easy? Not necessarily…

If you want to achieve a higher vibration, there’s some work to do. You have to identify your spiritual life lessons, learn them, and free yourself from any blockages they’ve created. After that, maintaining your ideal vibration gets a lot smoother.


Why Do We Need to Learn Spiritual Life Lessons?

spiritual life lessonsTo make the most of The Secret, you’re going to have to handle your life lessons for spiritual growth first. Why? One reason is that until people go through their lessons, they actually have very little knowledge about what they want. Typically, they have even less knowledge about what they need.

Think about it. If LOA worked for anyone who simply focused on what they wanted, what would that look like? Everyone would hit the lottery, and sure, that could be nice. But every kid who wanted nothing but candy would have rotten teeth and a lifetime of poor health ahead, also. The point is, it might not be the paradise we imagine. It just doesn’t make good sense to give everyone anything they want without knowing if they can handle it.

The Universe is malleable, but it’s also intelligent. It wants you to get what you want when you’ve shown you’re ready for it. When you engage and grow from your spiritual life lessons, you rise to the vibration of your vision. Your lessons act as a failsafe against things that you might want, but that might backfire if you get them before you can handle them.


What Are The Spiritual Lessons We Need to Learn?

You can think of your spiritual life lessons as an initiation. When you learn them, they take you to a new level of maturity. This unlocks your ability to manifest with clarity and purpose.

Just like what you will eventually choose to attract, your spiritual growth lessons are unique. However, there are seven general themes that come up for everyone. They are:

  1. Separation
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Unconditional Love
  4. Identity
  5. Judgment
  6. Control
  7. Divine Guidance

The ways these spiritual life lesson themes play out are quite different for everybody. Though general suggestions are nice, you really can’t follow anyone else’s playbook.

The only real way to learn your life lessons is to go within. Identify the areas where you need the most guidance. Reflect on how the lessons are presenting themselves in your life. Most importantly, do the work required to remove any obstacles from your path.

It takes effort!

The good news is, once you do it, you’ll finally be able to create the life of your dreams. This is because you’ll finally be the person you’ve always dreamed of being.


Looking for Guidance on Your Spiritual Life Lessons? Start Here.

Especially in the beginning, naming and working through your life lessons can be difficult. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to begin, take our quiz. Or for more in-depth, one-on-one assistance, schedule a Higher Vibrations Clarity Call. Our assessment will provide you with a detailed outlook on your life patterns and personality traits. It will give you insight into the most pressing spiritual life lessons to start working on right away.

Once you find out where to start, you’ll be in a position to experience the profound life shift you’ve been craving. Contact us if you have any questions. We’re happy to assist you with the next steps on your spiritual journey!